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Minnesota Home Buyer’s Connection was created to help Minnesota residents become homeowners.

We are dedicated to helping Minnesota residents understand every option and strategy available to them when it comes to buying real estate. We believe creating a tailored strategy will help you win the perfect home, save you thousands throughout the process, and ensure that your real estate purchase becomes a tool for your financial future!

We have seen an exorbitant amount of information on the national level regarding down payment assistance and step-by-step processes to homeownership over the last couple of years. There has been information about credit repair and what to do leading up to your home purchase, but nothing tailored to those living in our great state of Minnesota.

Our goal is to bring these valuable concepts to the state level! We have a passion to see our residents find financial security through homeownership and seeing the success of those we have helped only fuels us to do even more. When someone has the goal of homeownership, we walk them through every step from the mortgage application to finding the perfect home within their budget. We guide them through important steps like inspections, maintaining due diligence prior to the purchase, tax benefits, and insurance – all the way to the closing table!

We also ensure new homeowners have the information they will need to be secure in knowing their decisions were successful for years to come. We help them understand county and municipal requirements and connect them to reputable contractors like handymen, plumbers, electricians, and more. We are not a mortgage, real estate, or insurance company: We are your trusted team of real estate advisors!

Our 4 Easy Steps Will Set You On the Path To Home Ownership!


Tell us about yourself through our short survey


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Our Home Buyer's Connection Team

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We work with families to establish a budget so they understand their financial position. This helps us find the right mortgage for them which includes the type of mortgage, length, or term of the contract and interest rates.



Once you have your dream home, you want to protect your investment. Your property is the heartbeat of your family so we explain your options, offer expert advice, and find competitive rates so you have peace of mind.

Financial Literacy

Learning about financial security and establishing good habits is important. We help you understand why and help you start on the path to a solid financial future!

Credit Repair

Your financial credit – which may be indicated by your credit score – is like your signature. It is unique to you, and you have control over what it says about you. We will help you research your credit situation and look for issues that may prevent you from achieving your homeownership dream. Repairing credit problems before you purchase a home will help you avoid potential disappointment when you find your new home.


The property title conveys legal ownership of your home. Title insurance guarantees a proper search of the real estate history to ensure there are no previous liabilities associated with the property. It protects you from hidden issues or conflicts with the legal ownership of the property.

Real Estate

As they say in real estate, it’s all about the location! Once you find the right one for you, we help you prepare a competitive offer for the real value you want to obtain. A competitive analysis of the property and surrounding homes is one of the tools we can use to guide your decisions.

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